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Archive | March, 2014

Making Feather Sticks with InnerBark Outdoors

InnerBark Outdoors recently released this video about feather sticks (aka fuzz sticks). It is hands down the best information that I have seen on the subject. In the video, Andy covers a refined technique for creating feather sticks safely, how to choose the right wood, and why to make them.

The ability to create quality feather sticks is one of these most single useful skills the outdoorsman can possess. It is also a test of one’s ability with a knife and the knife itself. There is a good reason you see feather sticks mentioned in nearly every survival oriented knife review.


The TROIKA from TORIS is a purpose built fighting knife that was designed with input from Torin Hill of TORIS and Meynard Ancheta of Kali Dynamics. It is crafted for them by Jeff Crowner. The inspiration is an improvement on point first designs like the venerable Fairbairn–Sykes Fighting Knife and to that end it also incorporates a more useable edge than a typical “dagger” style knife.


It features full tang construction from CPM3V steel. It’s single edged blade is 5.25″ long and has a custom differential heat treat executed by Jeff. The handle is designed to be very neutral so that it works with any grip. Textured G-10 grips lock the hand in place while the integral double guard provides additional assurance that the hand will not migrate onto the cutting edge under use.

Learn more on the TORIS Facebook Page.

Hnusák Mk 2.1 from Turtle Knives

Turtle Knives, a knife maker out of the Czech Republic, has a very distinct aesthetic that I can only describe as rustic tactical. Their knives often look like they were forged at the bottom of a trench during World War I but then carefully hand finished with an eye toward art and functionality. The results are often strikingly beautiful and brutally functional at the same time.

Hnusák Mk 2.1 Turtle Knives

The Hnusák Mk 2.1 exemplifies this rustic tactical look. It combines a rustic, forged look with clean, aggressive grinds. The handle is made from what Turtle Knives calls “buckskincarta” – buckskin raw hide that is soaked in epoxy and then wrapped around the handle. The Hnusák Mk 2.1 is forged from K245 Bohler steel and comes with a rawhide sheath.

Check out Turtle Knives.

PHLster Fightworthy Ka-Bar TDI Sheaths

Kydex guru PHLster makes a sheath for the Ka-Bar TDI that is very popular. Demand for the sheath has outpaced his ability to produce them since their introduction. PHLster has been working to streamline production of the sheath in an effort to increase the rate at which they can be created. The good news is that they have succeeded.

PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath

The original sheath was foam pressed and had a curved shape to it that made it hand specific. The new version is now vacuum formed and has a flat shape that makes it ambidextrous and more user configurable. the result of these changes is a sheath that has the same level of quality but can be produced more easily. Many users are also reporting that the new flat shape is actually more comfortable too.

Check out PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath.

Frontier Belt Knife from BRT Bladeworks

BRT Bladeworks Frontier Belt Knife

Ben Tendick of BRT Bladeworks has developed a distinctive aesthetic and his Frontier Belt Knife shows that well. The sweeping curves of the handle and self guard where the blade meets the handle is unmistakably his work. This particular version is ground from L6 steel and sports some stunning contoured desert ironwood slab grips. The hammered blade finish really completes the frontiersman look.

Check out BRT Bladeworks.

Alan Davis Knives Flipper

This Alan Davis Flipper manages to look both ancient and futuristic at the same time. It has a long, sleek shape and a weather finish that makes it look like it grew out of the ground a thousand years ago. However, with its use of modern materials like titanium liners and carbon fiber scales, you wouldn’t be surprised if it dropped from the mother ship.


The bearing pivot and strong detent allow this knife to flip with no wrist action. The knife locks via a titanium liner lock. It features a 3″ long, slightly upswept blade that is ground from .145″ thick S30V steel. The pocket clip is set for right side, tip-up carry.

Check out Alan Davis Knives.


Grizzly Outdoors Gransfors Bruks SFA Sheath

Nothing about Gransfors Bruks is inexpensive and that includes the various aftermarket items that you might want to go with your axe. Most of the axe masks that you find are very well crafted and beautiful to look at but very expensive. They are also usually made of leather which certainly works but a hard axe mask/bit cover can be a nice safety item on sharp axe that is carried in a pack. That is why I was so happy to come across Grizzly Outdoors. They offer an axe mask for the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe that is molded from kydex and costs only $15. In that world of Gransfors Bruks, that is a bargain of the highest degree.

Check out Grizzly Outdoors.

gransfors bruks blade cover

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