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Archive | September, 2014


The new EL PATRON XXX from Tops Knives represents a more utilitarian approach to the karambit. It features a drop point blade shape rather than the typical hooked shape. The drop point may give up some of the ripping/catching potential of a traditional karambit in reverse grip but makes the knife more useful in a hammer grip. The EL PATRON XXX was actually designed to sit well in the hand and be useful in a normal forward grip.


This is also the first knife to feature TOPS Knives’ new “Tactical Stone” coating. The coating is a medium brown in color with texturing that has a stone like appearance. It contrasts with deeply grooved, Black G10 handle slabs nicely.

The EL PATRON XXX is ground from 3/16″ 1095 steel. It has a 3 1/2″ blade with a 8 5/8″ overall length. It comes with a handmade Kydex sheath.

Check out the EL PATRON XXX at TOPS Knives.

Emerson Knives Tiger

Like most Emerson Knives designs, the Tiger is purpose built as a fighting/self-defense knife. As is typical for production Emerson Knives, it has titanium liners with a liner locking mechanism, 154Cm blade steel, and grippy, black G10 handles.


The Tiger features an interesting, slightly upswept, clip point blade shape that places the cutting edge low in relation to the handle and the tip centered on the axis of the handle. This was an intentional design element that makes the Tiger perform well with both stabbing and slashing cuts.

Check out the video below to hear Ernest Emerson explain the new design in his own words and check out the Tiger at Emerson Knives.

Ramos Knives Work Line

I own several knives that get pretty creative when in terms of design but the ones I actually reach for when there is work to do have 2 things in common: useful blade shapes and simple handles. These are the knives that are meant to do real work. These are knives like the Work Line from Ramos Knives.

ramos knives work line 6

Earl Pittman from Impact Weapons Components turned me on to Ramos Knives and Earl knows good gear when he sees it.

The Work Line features ATS-34 steel out of which, by all accounts, Ramos Knives squeezes a lot of performance. The blade shapes are classic, simple, and exceedingly useful drop points with tapered hollow grinds that provide very useful tips and edges while leaving plenty of meat at the spine. The handle sports laminate wood slabs and has a generous palm swell. The Work Line is available in a variety of sizes.

Check out the Ramos Knives website and keep an eye on their Facebook page for frequent auctions.

ramos knives work line 7 ramos knives work line 8

McDaniel Knives Monster

I don’t know what McDaniel Knives calls this beast but it is a beauty. This monster features a massive 9″ recurve blade that is ground from CPM3V steel. The blade also features a 6″ long sharpened swedge.

mcdaniel monster 1

I especially like the handle treatment on this knife. The slabs are black and grey G-10 which plays subtly with lightening strike carbon fiber bolsters. The pop of color that comes from the flame treated and file worked titanium spacers is definitely not subtle.

This knife is currently available. Contact McDaniel Knives.

mcdaniel monster 2 mcdaniel monster 3

Lakonian BladeCraft Restoration Project

Most knife restorations focus on making the knife look new again. That seems like a shame to me. Why try to wipe away all of that hard earned character? Lakonian BladeCraft recently took a different tact with a customer’s knife that they were given to restore. They focused on making the knife useful again and preserving its character by making the damage done by years of neglect a part of the aesthetic of the knife.

lakonian sharpfinger

The knife in question is an old Schrade Sharpfinger that was found abandoned outdoors while the client was on a hike. They removed the old scales and rust but worked with the pitting and patina to give the knife a unique look. The new hand textured handle slabs and bolts complete the “rustic” but modern look. The knife now looks like it could have been made 100 years ago or just last week.

Check out Lakonian BladeCraft.

How to Fit a Nylon Sheath with Hard Insert to Your Knife

I have owned countless versions of nylon sheaths over the years and never thought to try this. TOPS Knives released a video that shows how to fit their sheaths to their knives to minimize rattling and improve fit. However, this should work with other nylon sheaths too.

TOPS Knives Rocky Mountain Spike

The Rocky Mountain Spike (RMS) is the latest knife from TOPS Knives. This minimalist, full tang design was originally intended to be used as a companion to a larger knife but TOPS found that it worked well as a stand-alone design.

It may look trim but this little knife is actually pretty beefy. At 3/16″ with a differential heat treat, it should take just about anything you can dish out.

  • O/A Length: 7 1/4″
  • Blade Length: 3 1/2”
  • Thickness: 3/16”
  • Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel
  • Handle: Skeletonized
  • Blade Color: Sandstorm Bronze
  • Sheath: Black Leather
  • Weight: 2.5 oz

Check out the Rocky Mountain Spike at TOPS Knives.


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