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Flexxx Strops

A good strop can help a novice sharpener achieve shaving sharp edges and it can help a skilled sharpener split atoms. The best strops that I have personally laid hands on are those from Flexxx Strops.

Flexxx Signature Field Strop

Flexxx Strops makes several different sizes and shapes to fit various intended uses and budgets. Their Signature Series uses 8-10 ounce leather and contains several very functional and very affordable designs.

The Flexxx Strops Pro Series offers the kind of quality and features that people who spend a lot of time maintaining their edges require like thicker, 12 ounce leather.

Flexxx Pro Field II

All Flexxx Strops come pre-loaded with black and green Bark River Knife and Tool stropping compound unless you specify otherwise. I have used the BRKT compounds for years and they just flat work. The black compound cuts fairly aggressively and is perfect for maintaining an edge or to knock down the burr left by your sharpening stone. The green compound polishes the edge to a very high level of sharpness and is best used after you strop on the black compound.

If you have ever wondered why you can’t seem to bring your edges to shaving sharp like the old timers, it is because they know something you don’t. You need a strop! Check out the full line of strops at Flexxx Strops.


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