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Hnusák Mk 2.1 from Turtle Knives

Turtle Knives, a knife maker out of the Czech Republic, has a very distinct aesthetic that I can only describe as rustic tactical. Their knives often look like they were forged at the bottom of a trench during World War I but then carefully hand finished with an eye toward art and functionality. The results are often strikingly beautiful and brutally functional at the same time.

Hnusák Mk 2.1 Turtle Knives

The Hnusák Mk 2.1 exemplifies this rustic tactical look. It combines a rustic, forged look with clean, aggressive grinds. The handle is made from what Turtle Knives calls “buckskincarta” – buckskin raw hide that is soaked in epoxy and then wrapped around the handle. The Hnusák Mk 2.1 is forged from K245 Bohler steel and comes with a rawhide sheath.

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One Response to Hnusák Mk 2.1 from Turtle Knives

  1. Stoney March 27, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

    I’m in love with a knife.

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