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Lakonian BladeCraft Restoration Project

Most knife restorations focus on making the knife look new again. That seems like a shame to me. Why try to wipe away all of that hard earned character? Lakonian BladeCraft recently took a different tact with a customer’s knife that they were given to restore. They focused on making the knife useful again and preserving its character by making the damage done by years of neglect a part of the aesthetic of the knife.

lakonian sharpfinger

The knife in question is an old Schrade Sharpfinger that was found abandoned outdoors while the client was on a hike. They removed the old scales and rust but worked with the pitting and patina to give the knife a unique look. The new hand textured handle slabs and bolts complete the “rustic” but modern look. The knife now looks like it could have been made 100 years ago or just last week.

Check out Lakonian BladeCraft.

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