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Ramos Knives Work Line

I own several knives that get pretty creative when in terms of design but the ones I actually reach for when there is work to do have 2 things in common: useful blade shapes and simple handles. These are the knives that are meant to do real work. These are knives like the Work Line from Ramos Knives.

ramos knives work line 6

Earl Pittman from Impact Weapons Components turned me on to Ramos Knives and Earl knows good gear when he sees it.

The Work Line features ATS-34 steel out of which, by all accounts, Ramos Knives squeezes a lot of performance. The blade shapes are classic, simple, and exceedingly useful drop points with tapered hollow grinds that provide very useful tips and edges while leaving plenty of meat at the spine. The handle sports laminate wood slabs and has a generous palm swell. The Work Line is available in a variety of sizes.

Check out the Ramos Knives website and keep an eye on their Facebook page for frequent auctions.

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