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Testing Kydex in Extreme Cold

Gough Custom just did the world a great service. A client of his recently ordered a knife to be used on an Antarctic Research Mission. In case you didn’t know, it can get kind of cold there in Antarctica. Aaron Gough, the man behind Gough Custom, took that as a excuse to do some extreme cold testing on his Kydex sheaths and bring us along for the ride.

Gough Resolute Group 2 Gough Resolute Sheath

He used dry ice to chill the various test sheaths to -50C. Then he tested the retention and impact resistance of the sheath at various temperatures. The sheaths maintained solid retention at all temperatures and even though they could be cracked with a hammer at the lowest temps, they were surprisingly resilient.

Kudos to Gough Custom on the well done and educational video.

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